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how to live intentionally in the ‘burbs

October 26, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

A great post from Will Samson (who got it from someone else) with 10 ideas for living as the people of God in suburbia. I don’t come close to walking out most of these, but the desire is there and the journey has begun.

I’ll post the list here – go over to Will’s blog for thoughts about each of these and a pretty good discussion in the comments about the kind of life that is possible for followers of Jesus in the ‘burbs. While you’re at it – check out Will and Lisa Samson’s great new book – Justice in the Burbs. It brings up some important issues that have to be faced by people desiring to live lives that pursue justice in the highly individualistic and materialistic of the suburbs.

Ten Ways to Live Intentionally in the Suburbs (from Chris Smith)
1) Live with others from your church community

2) Work Less!

3) Throw out the television

4) Drive less

5) Have a garden / grow food

6) Get to know your neighbors / listen for their needs

7) Be outside as much as possible.

8) Do not fence in your yard

9) Take a stand against the greed of mega-corporations

10) Utilize and support non-commercial public spaces (parks, libraries, colleges, etc.)

For those of you who reside in OKC – good luck. I’d love to hear how you are trying to walk these ideas out in our particular culture.

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