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nbc is clean and green – I have some questions

November 9, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

So this week NBC has gone green. All of the shows have “green themes” and lots of PSAs featuring NBC stars saving the planet. Even a guest appearance by Al Gore (which makes the emphasis instantly valid, of course). I think it is great that a network would dedicate a week to addressing the environment and taking a hit by airing some really bad shows (Office – Survivorman? Really?), now that green is in and corporations can score points by “defending the environment”, the skeptic in me has to wonder about the motivation and longevity of this initiative.

So with that mind – I have a few questions for the folks at NBC and GE (the parent company). I will be passing these on to TPTB via the new NBC / Universal web site. We’ll see what happens.

1. Is it just coincidence that this green week was scheduled to coincide with the beginning of the writers’ strike and the bad publicity generated by it?

2. What is NBC doing to reduce its environmental footprint? What’s being done to reduce fuel and energy consumption? What’s being recycled other than plot lines on ER? Are you just telling me what to do or are you in too?

3. Will NBC continue to accept ad revenue from non-environmentally friendly companies like Hummer (GM), McDonald’s, oil and gas companies, and the like?

4. Is this a long-term commitment to sustainable change or just a gimmick that disappears with the green peacock?

5. Doesn’t encouraging people to watch your green themed shows also promote greater energy consumption? Let’s face it, a ton of energy could be saved if we all just unplugged the TV. I don’t see that tip on the web site.

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