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passing on the legacy of Star Wars geekdom

January 12, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

This is something that can probably only be appreciated by dads around my age.

We got our oldest son a DVD set of the original Star Wars films for Christmas and since then the kids have watched each film at least three times with Empire Strikes Back being the favorite (great taste there, by the way). This morning I am listening to the boys run through the house with blasters made out of legos reenacting  scenes from the films and yelling back and forth to each other things like “you can’t shoot me, I’m Chewbacca” and “take that stormtrooper!”. They even offered to let their little sister be Princess Leia. It sounds a whole lot like my house did 30 years ago. It may be time to break into my parents’ attic and get out all of the action figures and other junk that dominated my room for most of my childhood.

Got to go. They made a blaster for me. They need a bad guy. Cue the Imperial March.

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