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top ten nicknames for the immanent okc nba franchise

Now that it looks like the NBA is coming to Oklahoma City, there are a lot of suggestions flying around about potential nicknames for whatever team finds its way to us (*cough* Sonics *cough*). Most people are trying to come up with names that are appropriate to OK and fit with our history or culture. Here are my suggestions for team names that would reflect what teams will experience when they come to play in the heartland.

10. OKC Weathermen (all you will see on TV the whole time you’re here)

9. OKC Roadkill

8. OKC Drive Thrus (in honor of our role as the nation’s fast food leader)

7. OKC Round Bales

6. OKC Billboards (from the moment you land until the moment you leave, they are everywhere)

5. Oklahoma City Evangelicals

4. OKC Wind

3. Oklahoma City Neocons (“W” could be the mascot since he’ll be looking for work after January)

2. OKC Nickel Slots

or we could just go with the reality of basketball in Oklahoma

1. Oklahoma Football Off-Season

I’m sure Bennett and Co. are taking notes.

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