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note to the internets – don’t mess with okc

Earlier today I posted about the inclusion of Oklahoma City on AOL travel’s / askmen.com’s list of top 10 cities not to visit. Beware the wrath of offended okies. Due to the volume of angry responses, not long ago, the list was changed and OKC was dropped from the AOL travel version. Apparently we are still listed as one of askmen.com’s 10 “Hells on Earth”, but my guess is that will change before the day is out.

Here’s the word from AskMen.com’s editor in chief.
Hello Oklahomans! — Thanks for all your posts. We certainly admire your quick defense of your capital, and please understand that its place on this list isn’t a commentary on it as an economic center, a sports town, or a place to live and raise a family. This article was commissioned and written as a lighthearted travel feature. What guided us in choosing the cities that we did? In seeking out the world’s least travel-friendly destinations, we looked for diversity in terms of what characterized each of them as such, hence the reference to “Type of Hell” within each subheader. So when it came time to choose a city that was characterized by natural disasters, OKC — home to some of the world’s most frequent and powerful tornadoes — was a natural choice.

James Bassil

Of course, in generating this kind of response, the good folks at AOL travel and askmen got exactly what they wanted. By dropping OKC they guarantee that they will be back on the radar a second time (like on this blog). But whatever.

So world – come to Oklahoma City. Just watch out for those blizzards.

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