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okc one of aol’s 10 cities not to visit – whah!?!?

While I will be one of the first to admit that OKC isn’t exactly a cultural mecca or the most exciting tourist destination (but it is getting much better), to put it on a list with Baghdad, Chernobyl, Mogadishu, and Pyongyang as one of the 10 worst places to visit is beyond ridiculous. AOL travel / askmen.com posted the list which claims that OKC is the worst place in the world to visit due to the prevalence of “natural disasters”. Really? Let’s look at their accusations and the facts.

1. Weather in OKC is unpredictable. I have to give them this one. Of course this is also true of almost anywhere in the midwest and the meteorologists in OKC are among the best in the world at what they do, so. . .

2. We get blizzards. Huh? In the almost 30 years I have lived in OKC I can remember maybe 5 times where it snowed more than 6 inches in a single storm. According to the National Weather Service, OKC averages an 8 inch or great snow event every 5-10 years.

3. It’s windy here. Yep. It’s windy a lot of places. The average annual wind speed is higher here than a lot of places, but is no greater than the average at Laguardia Airport in NYC and is lower than that of Boston.

4. We are in the “path” of Tornado Alley. Again, guilty. But the data show that OKC is actually number 9 on the list of US city tornado scores.

5. The May 3, 1999 tornado devastated “much of the city”. Was it bad? Yes. Much of the city? Seriously. Someone is watching too many made for TV disaster movies.

Someone clearly needed an American city to poke fun at and we got picked. Maybe the author is a (used to be) Seattle Sonics fan. Or maybe they are just sad from looking out the window at the weather in New York.

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