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Sooner twitiocy and other online malfeasance

September 30, 2010 Leave a comment

We’ve all done it – -said something in an effort to try and be clever or funny or cool that turned out to be somewhat inappropriate or in poor taste or just not what we thought it would be before coming out of mouth. For most of us, that moment (those moments?) happens with a friend or two or even by ourselves. We get called out for poor taste, either laugh at our own lameness or attempt to defend it, and then everyone moves on.

At least, that’s how it used to be . . .

Now we have twitter and facebook and youtube and blogs and flickr and 100 other ways to express our wrong-headed thoughts to anyone and everyone who cares to hear them. More options than we can possibly employ to have our every word, thought, and action broadcast. And we do, to the tune of (probably) billions of status updates and posts and tweets every day. And once they’re out there, they’re out there for good. No matter how badly we might want them back. And, suddenly, it isn’t just our friends or family who are telling us we’ve crossed the line, it’s potentially the whole planet.

This is the lesson that Jaz Reynolds learned yesterday. While a gunman sent the UT campus into lockdown, Jaz tweeted “Hey everyone in Austin, tx…….kill yourself #evillaugh.” Classy. If he makes this comment to a couple of guys in the locker room or to a roommate, it’s tasteless, but it’s over. But Jaz felt the need to tweet, and tweet he did. And he now faces an “indefinite” suspension – which is code for “be sure to turn in your playbook on your way to East Popcorn State”.

Reynolds isn’t the first athlete to forget someone actually sees this stuff. He’s not even the first Sooner. Along with Tommy Mason-Griffin’s facebook comments and Josh Jarboe’s YouTube exploits, Reynolds’ twitiocy completes the hat trick of poor social networking judgement. Coaches have to be going out of their minds over this stuff.

Why does everything need to be out there? Why do we feel the need to blog/tweet/update/post? And why do we spend so many hours checking out the (mostly) mindless product of all of this expression?  Jaz will pay dearly for his indiscretion (one wonders what would have happened had it been a different player doing the tweeting), but to what extent is everyone who followed Jaz on twitter complicit in his mistake? By providing the audience, we reinforce the idea that everything these folks have to say is worth hearing. Maybe we need to stop listening.

If an athlete tweets in the woods and no one is is around to RT it, would it really happen?


Remembering Creativity

September 24, 2010 Leave a comment

I was going through some stuff on a somewhat forgotten shelf of my desk today (part of the ongoing reclamation of my office) when I came across some notebooks from the creativity project days of The Well. Reading through the attempts at poetry and song lyrics and novel ideas (yes, really) and remembering those days reminded me of how significant my creative life felt then and how much of it I have put aside in this academia-dominated season.

While I miss the conversations and collaborations and challenge of those nights in Norman (I’ve never played my guitar more or better than during that stretch), what I loved most about those days was the atmosphere of encouragement and living out the belief that each of us carries a spark of creativity because we are made in the image of a creative God. Out of that idea came all kinds of music, poetry, visual work, and collaboration across media. It didn’t matter if it was good; all that mattered was that it was. The act of faith – of worship – was the process of creation.

Looking through my notebooks, there are some lines that immediately bring back a conversation or a night or a particular set of emotions and it feels good to reconnect to those moments and to the feeble, but sincere, attempts to capture them. While I’m not feeling compelled to add anything new to the collection right now (I think anything I tried right now would be really forced), it’s good to be reminded that I have that in me and that the God who inspired that work is ready to provide sparks for the next round, whenever that may be.

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Oklahoma needs to get fruitier

September 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Last week, the CDC published a report that listed Oklahoma as last in the nation for fruit consumption. According to the MMWR, Oklahoma has the lowest percentage of population that consumes the recommended number of fruit servings per day (2). Two. As in a glass of orange juice and a banana with your cereal – you’re done for the day. At 18.1%, not only are we last in consumption, we are the only state below 22% and are 14 percentage points below the national average (32.5%). Whether ironic or telling, the thing that struck me most about the report on was the advertisement that accompanied it (see image). Although it should be noted that fruit is actually presented in the ad.

It’s not surprising that the land of chocolate-covered bacon, deep-fried coke,  and donut burgers as well as city-wide diets sponsored by fast food companies would be averse to knocking back an apple every now and then, but with 1/3 of our state obese and 2/3 overweight (included yours truly), it might be time to reassess our collective position on fruit.

Since seeing the article last week, out household has embarked on a radical initiative to move ourselves into the fruit-consuming minority. We are fast becoming a fruity family. On occasion, some members have even exceeded the number of daily servings recommended by the USDA. Our strategy?

1. Buy fruit.

2. Eat it.

Bold steps? Yes. But quite tasty.

I know not every household in OK has access to good fruit or the ability to pay for it on a regular basis, but most do.  If you’re reading this, odds are you are one of the able ones.

Won’t you join us?

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40 for my 40th

September 13, 2010 Leave a comment
For my 40th, K and the kids put together a basket of stuff that reminds them of me. Easily one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. Here’s the list of my 40 with commentary.
  1. Just for Men – this was the contribution that Caleb was most proud of, but the joke’s on him – he has the same early graying genes.
  2. Iron Man 2 top – I’m into super heroes
  3. MarioKart pez – ditto for video games
  4. The Office notepad
  5. Horse – I’ve liked to ride since the first time K made me do it
  6. Zebra  – heart for Africa
  7. Stethescope – the reality of Dr. J (although not that kind of Dr.) is almost here
  8. Dumbbell – b/c my 8 year old thinks I’m strong
  9. Trumpet – band still haunts me after all these years
  10. Star band – for astronomy
  11. Miles on Vinyl – my favorite jazz artist
  12. Monk on vinyl – another favorite
  13. Tour de France hat – I pretend to be a cyclist
  14. Calvin and Hobbes book – loved these guys since I was a teenager
  15. Hastings gift card – for the reader
  16. itunes gift card – for the musician
  17. Ted’s card – mmmmmm
  18. bbq card – it’s Boomercue
  19. sonic cup / card – the omnipresent Diet Dr. Pepper, easy ice
  20. Bible – so thankful that they see some of this in me
  21. Garden State – love my indie films
  22. Colbert Christmas DVD – and I love my political satire
  23. Sports Illustrated – hoop, baseball, football, even World Cup this summer
  24. Sooner pencil – could be for my Sooner love or the fact that I go to school there. or both.
  25. Tom’s shoes – for my big feet
  26. Reese’s – I have a tendency to steal these from the kids whenever possible
  27. World Vision catalog – one of my favorite ways to give
  28. Thunder foam finger – yep, I’m on the bandwagon
  29. Scooby Doo van – can’t get enough of the Scoobs
  30. Coaching whistle – I don’t think I’ve ever used it at a practice
  31. Computer – I spend a LOT of time on one
  32. Picture of the kids – love those monkeys so much
  33. Camera – there’s always one in my hand
  34. Cubs baseball – my lifelong love and obsession.
  35. Light Bulb – again Caleb – “because I’m so bright”
  36. Apple – for the teacher
  37. Hot Tamales – my name is J and I’m a tamaleholic
  38. Diet Dr. Pepper – see above
  39. Guitar Pick – I’m a bit shocked that they remember I played, it’s been a while
  40. Mythbusters hat – for my love of science (and watching stuff blow up)

It’s good to be known.

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testing. . . testing. . . is this thing on?

September 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Yep, it’s really me. After a year of blogless silence, I’m giving in to the urge to re-emerge (totally unintentional rhyme there, but I like it) and embracing my inner narcissist by re-engaging blogdom. Between the constant insanity that seems to be the world and the current wildness of our existence here, it seems like a good time to have something to say.

No promises of brilliance, or frequency, or even coherence – just another voice among the hordes.

Who knows where we might go?

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