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40 for my 40th

September 13, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments
For my 40th, K and the kids put together a basket of stuff that reminds them of me. Easily one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. Here’s the list of my 40 with commentary.
  1. Just for Men – this was the contribution that Caleb was most proud of, but the joke’s on him – he has the same early graying genes.
  2. Iron Man 2 top – I’m into super heroes
  3. MarioKart pez – ditto for video games
  4. The Office notepad
  5. Horse – I’ve liked to ride since the first time K made me do it
  6. Zebra  – heart for Africa
  7. Stethescope – the reality of Dr. J (although not that kind of Dr.) is almost here
  8. Dumbbell – b/c my 8 year old thinks I’m strong
  9. Trumpet – band still haunts me after all these years
  10. Star band – for astronomy
  11. Miles on Vinyl – my favorite jazz artist
  12. Monk on vinyl – another favorite
  13. Tour de France hat – I pretend to be a cyclist
  14. Calvin and Hobbes book – loved these guys since I was a teenager
  15. Hastings gift card – for the reader
  16. itunes gift card – for the musician
  17. Ted’s card – mmmmmm
  18. bbq card – it’s Boomercue
  19. sonic cup / card – the omnipresent Diet Dr. Pepper, easy ice
  20. Bible – so thankful that they see some of this in me
  21. Garden State – love my indie films
  22. Colbert Christmas DVD – and I love my political satire
  23. Sports Illustrated – hoop, baseball, football, even World Cup this summer
  24. Sooner pencil – could be for my Sooner love or the fact that I go to school there. or both.
  25. Tom’s shoes – for my big feet
  26. Reese’s – I have a tendency to steal these from the kids whenever possible
  27. World Vision catalog – one of my favorite ways to give
  28. Thunder foam finger – yep, I’m on the bandwagon
  29. Scooby Doo van – can’t get enough of the Scoobs
  30. Coaching whistle – I don’t think I’ve ever used it at a practice
  31. Computer – I spend a LOT of time on one
  32. Picture of the kids – love those monkeys so much
  33. Camera – there’s always one in my hand
  34. Cubs baseball – my lifelong love and obsession.
  35. Light Bulb – again Caleb – “because I’m so bright”
  36. Apple – for the teacher
  37. Hot Tamales – my name is J and I’m a tamaleholic
  38. Diet Dr. Pepper – see above
  39. Guitar Pick – I’m a bit shocked that they remember I played, it’s been a while
  40. Mythbusters hat – for my love of science (and watching stuff blow up)

It’s good to be known.

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