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Oklahoma needs to get fruitier

September 15, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Last week, the CDC published a report that listed Oklahoma as last in the nation for fruit consumption. According to the MMWR, Oklahoma has the lowest percentage of population that consumes the recommended number of fruit servings per day (2). Two. As in a glass of orange juice and a banana with your cereal – you’re done for the day. At 18.1%, not only are we last in consumption, we are the only state below 22% and are 14 percentage points below the national average (32.5%). Whether ironic or telling, the thing that struck me most about the report on newsok.com was the advertisement that accompanied it (see image). Although it should be noted that fruit is actually presented in the ad.

It’s not surprising that the land of chocolate-covered bacon, deep-fried coke,  and donut burgers as well as city-wide diets sponsored by fast food companies would be averse to knocking back an apple every now and then, but with 1/3 of our state obese and 2/3 overweight (included yours truly), it might be time to reassess our collective position on fruit.

Since seeing the article last week, out household has embarked on a radical initiative to move ourselves into the fruit-consuming minority. We are fast becoming a fruity family. On occasion, some members have even exceeded the number of daily servings recommended by the USDA. Our strategy?

1. Buy fruit.

2. Eat it.

Bold steps? Yes. But quite tasty.

I know not every household in OK has access to good fruit or the ability to pay for it on a regular basis, but most do.  If you’re reading this, odds are you are one of the able ones.

Won’t you join us?

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