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Remembering Creativity

September 24, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I was going through some stuff on a somewhat forgotten shelf of my desk today (part of the ongoing reclamation of my office) when I came across some notebooks from the creativity project days of The Well. Reading through the attempts at poetry and song lyrics and novel ideas (yes, really) and remembering those days reminded me of how significant my creative life felt then and how much of it I have put aside in this academia-dominated season.

While I miss the conversations and collaborations and challenge of those nights in Norman (I’ve never played my guitar more or better than during that stretch), what I loved most about those days was the atmosphere of encouragement and living out the belief that each of us carries a spark of creativity because we are made in the image of a creative God. Out of that idea came all kinds of music, poetry, visual work, and collaboration across media. It didn’t matter if it was good; all that mattered was that it was. The act of faith – of worship – was the process of creation.

Looking through my notebooks, there are some lines that immediately bring back a conversation or a night or a particular set of emotions and it feels good to reconnect to those moments and to the feeble, but sincere, attempts to capture them. While I’m not feeling compelled to add anything new to the collection right now (I think anything I tried right now would be really forced), it’s good to be reminded that I have that in me and that the God who inspired that work is ready to provide sparks for the next round, whenever that may be.

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