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the museum of my parenting skills

November 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Via xkcd. I love (and live) this.

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the church of the no-pants subway ride

November 15, 2010 Leave a comment

About a year ago I came across Improv Everywhere for the first time when I saw a video of their annual “no-pants subway ride” in NYC. IE is a group of folks who are dedicated to causing “chaos and joy in public places”. They perform “missions” that range from enacting scenes from Star Wars on subway cars to cell phone symphonies at a bookstore bag check to a fake U2 concert on a NYC rooftop.

After spending way too much time watching IE videos, I’m struck by what a great picture these folks and their events present of the potential of the Church in the world. This isn’t a “christian” group by any stretch, but they could teach us a thing or two through what they do and the way they do it.

1. Starting Parties / Bringing Joy – One of my favorite missions is the Surprise Wedding Reception that they threw for a random couple who was getting married at the City Clerk’s office (video below).  It reminded me of  AWIP’s Wall Street Money Drop, Skyline’s Fat Calf Bash, and  Tony Campolo’s story of throwing a birthday party for a prostitute in Hawaii – all beautiful pictures of followers of Jesus bringing joy and inviting anyone who will to come and celebrate with them. We’re meant to attract, but too often the approach taken is to argue and condemn. Here’s to more celebrating.

2. Sticking out in a crowd together – The other set of missions that I love are the mp3 experiments (see video below). Participants download an mp3 and gather at a particular place and time. Everyone presses play at the same time and follows instructions given by an “omnipotent voice”. It’s amazing to see what people are willing to do when they have the assurance that they aren’t alone. Not only are participants emboldened, they’re obvious. 3,000 people lying down to take a “nap” in the middle of a park kind of stick out. What if those of us who claim to follow Jesus actually did it together in a way that made us stick out like that? If I read it right, that’s what we’re called to do.

Are there times to engage the world around us with serious and strong stands? Sure. Are they as frequent as we tend to think? Probably not. While I’m not quite ready for public transportation exhibitionism, I’m for more parties, more joy, and more of all of it together. Who’s with me?

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