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January 8, 2011 Leave a comment

Happy (week after) New Year!

I’m not much on resolutions. I don’t do well with the “I’m never (always) going to (insert thing here) for the rest of my life starting today.” I’ve found that I am not remotely disciplined enough to keep to those kinds of things. I wish I were in some ways because there are some things in me that could stand that kind of once and for all treatment. But alas.

All that being said, the newness of a new year feels like a good environment to think about directions I’ve taken and directions I want to pursue in the days ahead. So here’s the list. At least for now. The odds are good that I’ve forgotten something vital, but it’s a start.

1. Chase Jesus to be more like him. There’s never going to be a list like this that doesn’t have this on it because I’m pretty sure (read: “certain”) that I will have a long way to go for the rest of my life. God knows I sure do at this point.

2. Love more and better and louder. I want to love people more. Family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, students, and everybody else. But I want to do it in ways that demonstrate that love loudly and leave no room for doubt. I’m not good at it – it’s not a natural thing for me. But as #1 happens, I’m trusting that this will follow.

3. Get healthier. This isn’t a “go to the gym every day and lose 100 lbs by summer kind of thing”, I just want to undo the damage that has been done by five years of school life. Eat better, sleep more, get out on my bike. I’m never going to be “little”, but I want to feel and be better as I am.

4. Enjoy what I’m doing. I love teaching. I love being around and interacting with students. I even like the prep work that goes into making class happen. In fact, there isn’t much about academic life that I don’t like. But I sure do catch myself griping about it a lot. And I hate that. So I’m going to focus on enjoying it and making sure those around me know how I really feel about this life I’m chasing.

5. Do what I enjoy. It drives me crazy that lately I haven’t found (made) time to do the stuff I love – photography, music, reading, writing,  movies, hanging out with people, and on and on (not even sure I remember how to play golf anymore). It boils down to going for it when the mood strikes and not finding something else that needs to be done. Yet another area that requires intention. See a pattern yet?

6. Matter. One of the real traps of academia is spending all of your time talking about everything but not really doing anything. I kind of there. And I hate it. I have always made time to coach the boys in whatever they were doing (whether I knew anything about it or not) and I love that. But there are other Kingdom kinds of things that I want to be a part of and ideas that have been spinning for years that need action. None of it’s happening right now. But it’s coming.

That’s plenty for one lifetime. If you’re the praying sort, when you think of me it would be great if you’d remember some of this. If you make a list, I’ll do the same for you. Who knows how far any of it will go, but desire is the first step, right?

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Remembering Creativity

September 24, 2010 Leave a comment

I was going through some stuff on a somewhat forgotten shelf of my desk today (part of the ongoing reclamation of my office) when I came across some notebooks from the creativity project days of The Well. Reading through the attempts at poetry and song lyrics and novel ideas (yes, really) and remembering those days reminded me of how significant my creative life felt then and how much of it I have put aside in this academia-dominated season.

While I miss the conversations and collaborations and challenge of those nights in Norman (I’ve never played my guitar more or better than during that stretch), what I loved most about those days was the atmosphere of encouragement and living out the belief that each of us carries a spark of creativity because we are made in the image of a creative God. Out of that idea came all kinds of music, poetry, visual work, and collaboration across media. It didn’t matter if it was good; all that mattered was that it was. The act of faith – of worship – was the process of creation.

Looking through my notebooks, there are some lines that immediately bring back a conversation or a night or a particular set of emotions and it feels good to reconnect to those moments and to the feeble, but sincere, attempts to capture them. While I’m not feeling compelled to add anything new to the collection right now (I think anything I tried right now would be really forced), it’s good to be reminded that I have that in me and that the God who inspired that work is ready to provide sparks for the next round, whenever that may be.

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